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Our passion at the Golub lab is to design and explore through chemical and biological means how the assembly of biomolecules bring about the structural and functional diversity that are present in all life forms. While individual protein and DNA molecules exhibit an impressive set of properties their assemblies are by far more elaborate and sophisticated since they can create unique microenvironments and interfaces. However, pinning down or predicting the origins for any synergistic interactions is challenging due to the complexity of the constructs and the inability to discern between identical subcomponents. Motivated by this challenge our group aims to develop new methods and approaches for the controlled assembly of biomolecules that exhibit novel characteristics.


Research Group

Biochemistry & Biophysics | Macromolecular Structure | Nanotechnology

Principal Investigator
Dr. Eyal Golub

Dr. Eyal Golub
Research Assistant
Dr. Nurit Adiram
Dr. Nurit Adiram


I am currently looking for talented and highly motivated Msc, PhD and postdocs.

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  E. Golub, R. H. Subramanian, J. Esselborn, R. G. Alberstein, J. B. Bailey, J. A. Chiong, X. Yan, T. Booth, T. S. Baker, F. A. Tezcan Constructing protein polyhedra via orthogonal chemical interactions, Nature 578, 172-176 (2020). 

Get to know us Better ...

Dr. Eyal Golub obtained both his BSc and MSc from Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel. He pursued a PhD position at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, under the supervision of Prof. Itamar Willner, where he worked on the development of sensitive sensing platforms and new paradigms for designing DNA-based catalysis. He became an EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, San Diego, working with Prof. Akif Tezcan on metal-directed self-assembly of ordered protein structures.